A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The MIND BLOWING SEQUEL to Gallery One. (you don't actually need to play Gallery One first)

Walk around an art gallery, a prison, and a surreal void.
Look at over 400 illustrations, talk with the gallery patrons, peer into the dank underground cells, bask in the warming glow of the gods. 

Listen to 5 Music tracks

Estimated time to explore everything: 20 minutes.

Art, Music, Modelling etc. - Michael Sandford

WASD - Movement

Left Mouse - Interact

Right Mouse - Zoom

Q - Menu

C - Crouch

Shift - Run

Spacebar - Jump

T - Change Song

There is no ending, just lots of pictures to look at.

Install instructions

If you get the Windows Defender Smartscreen click "More Info" and "Run Anyway"


Gallery Two.zip 244 MB
Gallery TwoMAC.app.zip 245 MB

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